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OpenSourceStore Review Application.


The opensourcestore site is the new discussion platform for the freecode/freshmeat alternative. I like to provide an application that can be used for reviewing application releases on the currently very early state of the site.

Currently everyone can put an application there, but I think there should be at least a review process established. Therefore this is a first attempt.

Functionality of the application:

Enter and manage application providers. That are the creators of the applications. Each provider can be locked out if any abuse or misbehaviour is encountered.

Enter and manage applications a provider has created. Each application can be locked out for the same reason.

Enter and manage application releases. This entries are thought of to be imported from the above site, where each can publish its application release.

The released application must be identified by a userid that the releasing person has to use. Using this a review process of newly created entries would be possible for a first use case (one application provider, one application and many releases).

Then if the data is imported (correlated by the timestamp of publication), the data can be reviewed and propably locked out.

All other data that has been passed the review process, will be passed over to a report the application provides for better markup.

This report can be creaded in various formats!

Here is a first screenshot for the application:


It is a first attempt to provide an application release review.

Please follow the forum at

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