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lbDMF - Distributed Multiplatform Framework

Do you code, debug and code again? No! don't. I tell you how...

With this product, you can get rid of repeating stuff like creating forms, ORM mappings, glue code and get a solution as fast as possible.
You can enter UML class diagrams to get your first application out in minutes, not weeks or days.


Windows Installer
openSUSE 13.1 (Bottle) (i586)
Mac OS X Snow Leopard
CAB DevExpress Generator-Compilation
CAB SyncFusion Generator-Compilation

Here is the sample CD catalogue design that then has been entered as UML model (BoUML for initial and second stage models or ArgoUML for initial models) and became a well looking application below:

Sample model and results:

A paper prototype:

Try it out with the included sample UML models or follow the PDF documentation.
To get a working code generator template, you may download the DevExpress based XSLT template below.
A PHP template is also available.

The DevExpress based XSLT template will create a CAB DevExpress based modular composite application.

The following image shows a grid with detail grids (showing artists and their albums):

After creating and compiling the application one can easily create reports:

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