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lbDMF - Distributed Multiplatform Framework

Is this is what you like to do?

Driving a roadster like me and don't waste time at coding?

Then I may have a solution for you developers.

Do you code, debug and code again? No! don't. I tell you how...

With this product, you can get rid of repeating stuff like creating forms, ORM mappings, glue code and get a solution as fast as possible.
You either can reverse engineer a database schema or enter UML class diagrams to get your first application out in minutes, not weeks or days.

Current users worldwide:

Map by google using GeoIP-Scraper


Windows Installer
openSUSE 13.1 (Bottle) (i586)
Mac OS X Snow Leopard
CAB DevExpress Generator-Compilation
CAB SyncFusion Generator-Compilation

Here is the sample CD catalogue design that then has been entered as UML model (BoUML for initial and second stage models or ArgoUML for initial models) and became a well looking application below:

Sample model and results:

A paper prototype:

Try it out with the included sample UML models or follow the PDF documentation.
To get a working code generator template, you may download the DevExpress based XSLT template below.
A PHP template is also available.

The DevExpress based XSLT template will create a CAB DevExpress based modular composite application.

The following image shows a grid with detail grids (showing artists and their albums):

After creating and compiling the application one can easily create reports:

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