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You have an existing database

With the included capabilities of the prototyper it is possible to create a prototype for an existing database application. There are many reasons why you want to do this.

  • You want to replace an existing application
  • You want to provide a separate application with parts only
  • You want to create a web interface and therefore start with a prototype

  • There are truly more reasons, but the steps remain the same.

    The sample Postbooks

    As a sample here we create a prototype for the Postbooks application. It will show the capabilities of the prototyper. The following screen shots of extracting the database model from PostgreSQL are taken from the Windows platform and are not shown here. The equivalent Mac screenshots are comparable.

    Setup the ODBC connection to the database

    To use an existing database for a prototype you need to setup an ODBC connection to it. Use the informations of your database vendor. This description has been tested on a PostgreSQL database. Other databases are possible too, but there are probably required changes in the XSL file to do before you proceed. Developing XSLT templates or changing them is handled in a separate documentation.

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