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Today a new release is out - with a Syncfusion template

Posted by: Administrator on April 19, 2015 3:22:37 PM
For short, I started developing a DSL that enables textual modeling in the future. A new template has been added targeting Syncfusion Essential Studio. Give it a try. There are also bugfixes...
This release contains several improvements.

Shortly listed are the following:

* There is a new plugin that enables using domain specific languages. Initially there is
no binary release for this, but get's compiled with an unit test demonstrating the
integration of the Antlr3 based language.

* A new code generator compilation has been made available. This new template
generates code targeting the Syncfusion Essential Studio. They have a community
edition, so just try the new template at no cost. The template is using the WinForms
part of their product using the Syncfusion Essential CAB Enabling Kit. Yet it is not
much, what I have got within about 20 hours, but get inspired about the
possibilities :-)

* Added initial logging mechanism to see access to the services that are generated in
the CAB DevExpress Generator template simply to see where the users come
from. The logging mechanism still has to be improved.

* A bugfix has been made regarding handling of datetime fields. They were not
handled as strings but required to.

* Trigger generation template code has been fixed by reversing the direction. The
trigger complained about referential integrity, but in the wrong direction.

* The few changes and fixes let me made a decision to make a minor release change.
Also a completely new model input will be made available using textual DSL's.

Please try out the new release for the following features:

Can install the application,
Can run the application,
Can update the application model itself,
Can generate code and for DevExpress (if you have a Windows OS), if not, try generating the Turbo Vision application.
Can build the generated code (DevExpress), or have a look if the Turbo Vision code appears within a Code folder.

I would thank you all for your feedback.

Have you noticed my new website? Have a look at it ( and tell me your opinions.

Lothar Behrens
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