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A new release is out

Posted by: Administrator on June 14, 2014 5:17:02 PM
This release contains several new features to make the product nearly perfect.
Custom fields, model validation and WCF support.


Added feature for custom fields to be modeled but not as functional elements.
This enables usage of more model element types than executable in the prototype.

Added code for better Sqlite Logging. Sometimes there are errors while imports.
The log therefore will tell you in more detail what happened.

Added first version that supports error feedback. Used is a TEXT field in the
application table. The field is model_errors and another is model_complete. This
helps you to identify if the model is complete.

Validations are added in the XSLT import templates to fill these columns.

Added a new sample UML model. The StsManagement application represents the database
model the CAB DevExpress code generator utilizes for the STS authentication feature.
The StsManagement model can be used to create the respective management application
using the same template.

Added support to roundtrip application parameters. Parameters that for sample configure
the database string, or the WCF binding address are modeled this way to get rid of
repeated manual entries made.

Reworked the documentation layout. The first three chapters should be more readable.


Inverted direction of association end naming. They must be named on the aggregate side.
This enables multiple relations on the same two classes.

Fixed type mappings in Sqlite database formular definitions.

Fixed ArgoUML and XMI 1.2 issues.

Fixed missing support for BYTEA field.

Fixed XMI import issues when using BoUML.

Fixed naming issues in XMI import regarding database schema.

Fixed stereotype maping.
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