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Christmas gift is out

Posted by: Administrator on December 20, 2009 1:49:02 AM
A new release of my software is out. Includes XSLT codegenerator module.

This release includes a new plugin that was previously developed private. As of the many other projects regarding code generation I decided to open up the code generator module. When you start the main sample application (wxWrapper) you will see a button 'Codegenerieren' in the form 'Anwendungen' (applications). This let you create code for the prototype after you have decided to do so.

To create code the new module uses XSLT to translate XML output of the internal data to any code you like. Samples are are also included for now.

The samples are as follows:


Creates a basic wxWidgets based database application using the wxDataView classes. It also uses my code, so it is not a fully independent wxWidgets application.


Creates the most parts of a Turbo Vision application. It has to be verified how the missing files could be generated / copied from a template.


Creates wxActiveRecords based classes to be used as wxWidgets database implementation. No GUI yet.


A wxLua based application will be created. This was possible due to an enhanced wxWidgets library made by Hakki Dogusan. Link.


Template to be used to export my own model into XMI 2.1 file readable by probably any UML2 design tool. I have tested it with BoUML.


Template to be used to import XMI 2.1 and XMI 1.2 UML models. I have tested it with BoUML.

Here again I will thank all the vendor library creators and Bruno Pags for is incredible UML tool.

The changes in this release are partly enhancements in XSLT, code and bugfixes. Please see the changelog.
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