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Final release is out

Posted by: Administrator on September 14, 2009 11:29:37 PM
This is the final release of my software. It has one major new feature (printing) and some other bug fixes in importing XMI models and exporting them.
The major feature is implemented with an external application (OpenRPT) that is also available here. It is implemented with the also relatively new 'execute application' action one could design onto database forms to act with actual data.

The report functionality has to be improved, because it is not yet platform independent and thus you have to change the configuration how to start the report engine and where it is placed on the system.

Please give me feedback or start contributing to this project. There was not yet much of both. That's why I now publish the final release even I have small bugs. (Only on Windows the reverse engineered postbooks application could not add new rows). It is simply too much to test on each platform as the project grows and I'll sometime think things will work as tested some days ago, but: Murphy's law :-)
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