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Preparing final release

Posted by: Administrator on September 09, 2009 8:27:11 PM
This is about new features you will get in my upcoming final release. The biggest one is printing reports.
I am preparing the final release as I think I can do very much of things a prototype may have to be able to do. Besides of removing several bugs in the UML import and export code (templates), some bugs have been fixed that let the application no longer crash.

The activity feature has been tested many times and has been improved. And a long missing feature has been added today in ONE day. That will show the flexibility of the prototype. You will be able to create stunning reports by the help of OpenRPT. This is also now available with a LGPL license what makes me happy. The new report feature has been implemented as an external application (I am calling rptrender with parameters from the configuration database and actual values from the form). Here you will see a screen shot:

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